Aug 13, 2014

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Why Is Sedative Dentistry Becoming So Popular?

Sedative Dentistry is a type of dentistry that allows a patient to be placed under anesthesia or relaxing medications while they are having dental work carried out. The need for this branch of dentistry has grown, due to people avoiding dental care because of their nervousness. Through this form of gentle dental care, more people are feeling confident in seeking dental services, so the health of their smiles is not compromised. If you are not aware of how this type of dentistry works, this information will prove helpful.

When you first seek Sedative Dentistry, you will need to meet your dentist and go over your health. The dentist will also want to know more about your dental anxiety and how it affects you. You may discuss any previous dental experiences that have led you to feel anxious, so your dentist can better understand your needs and treat you.

If you are having a simple examination and teeth cleaning procedure, you may only need a mild relaxant to help you feel comfortable. Your dentist will give you the lowest dose at first and if you continue to feel nervous, this amount can be increased. For most people, this calming medication is just strong enough to take the edge off of their anxiety and make them feel at ease while their teeth are being cleaned and checked.

If you are having further dental services carried out, there are sedation options and laughing gas. Laughing gas can be used to calm you down and will make you feel slightly sleepy. This is often used in conjunction with IV medications, to fully calm you or even put you to sleep, if the need arises. This ensures you can have your dental work carried out, without feeling overwhelmed by anxiety.

When you are having Sedative Dentistry, make sure you inform the staff if you begin to feel anxious. They are there to help you overcome your dental anxiety, so your smile can be cared for. For further information or to schedule an appointment, contact Nusmile Dental. They will provide you with the gentle dental services you need.

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