Why is Root Canal Therapy in New York Essential?

When most people are faced with tooth decay, they consider getting a filling, which is one of the most common treatments available. However, there are some instances when a filling isn’t appropriate, such as when the decay has progressed into the roots, or you’ve already gotten a filling and are still in pain. Root canal therapy in New York is the next best option because it still saves your tooth and ensures that you’re pain-free. Along with such, it can cost less for this procedure rather than an extraction with an implant.

How it Works

Root canal therapy in New York works by removing the infected/inflamed pump from the tooth. The dentist or endodontist uses special cleaners and disinfectants to sterilize the inside of your tooth and then it is filled/sealed with a rubber-style material. Once set, a crown or cap is placed over the tooth to keep it protected so that it can function like other teeth in your mouth.

No Pain

In most cases, you are in extreme pain because your tooth is infected or is decaying rapidly. The root canal therapy in New York is a painless procedure because you’re given anesthetic so that you don’t feel anything. Once the work is complete, you’ll also be pain-free because the treatment doesn’t require any healing time, though you may have some sensitivity to hot/cold for a few days.

Aesthetically Pleasing

When decay is too severe to have a filling (or yours has fallen out or cracked), you may want to consider other options. You can choose to get an extraction, but that means you will have a noticeable gap in your smile. Even if the problem tooth is in the back, it can still be seen when you open wide, such as when laughing or smiling widely.

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