Why Is Reproductive Surgery Carried Out in San Antonio TX?

Fertility issues are more common than most people realize. When a couple has been trying to conceive for a year and has not been successful, fertility issues could be to blame. Though men and women can both experience fertility problems, women typically face more issues. Health concerns like endometriosis and blocked ovaries can often be the cause of reproduction issues. When these issues are found, there is a solution through Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio TX.

  • Endometriosis is a condition that is marked by painful and heavy periods. This is caused by endometrial lining tissue growing in areas outside of the uterus. Surgery for this condition seeks to remove the abnormal tissue. If endometriosis is to blame for fertility issues the surgery may be able to correct the issue and allow couples to begin trying to conceive again.
  • Scarring often causes obstructions in the Fallopian tubes, preventing eggs from being fertilized. When scarring has completely obstructed the tube, a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant are very slim. To remove scarring, the surgeon can send a camera into the Fallopian tubes and then work to remove the obstruction.
  • Fibroids can also cause women to be unable to conceive. Fibroids are benign tumors that occur in the uterine muscles. These are removed through open surgery or laproscopic surgery, depending on where they are located.

There are also instances where a woman or man has had surgery to prevent conception. In the event a woman has had her tubes tied, a reversal of the tubiligation procedure can be carried out. Though this reversal can result in conception, it is not always effective.

When a man has had a vasectomy, it can sometimes be reversed. This microsurgical procedure is difficult to perform and must be carried out by an expert surgeon who has experience in this type of procedure. A Fertility Texas clinic can assist couples in overcoming their fertility issues.

If you are in need of Reproductive Surgery in San Antonio TX, contact your doctor and get the help you need. Through a fertility specialist, you can be tested to find the cause of your fertility issues so the right surgical procedure can be planned.

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