Dec 5, 2014

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Why is it important to see a dentist on a regular basis?

People are constantly being reminded to go to the dentist in Jacksonville Beach on a regular basis, but the reasoning behind why they should go is often not fully explained. Knowing the logic behind regular visits to the dentist may be of particularly helpful to those people who fear the dentist and others who are similarly wary of the dentist. The ADA, American Dental Association recommends that people see their dentist twice a year for a general cleaning and a routine checkup. There are some patients who may need to visit more often if the dentist sees them as a high risk patient.

It is obvious that the principle reason for seeing the dentist is to make sure that your teeth are in excellent condition. Although you will clean your teeth at home, brushing and flossing cannot do the same in depth cleaning that can be done by the dental hygienist. With specialized equipment, the dentist can remove the built up plaque and tartar that forms on the tooth no matter how good your own cleaning procedures are. As the hygienist is cleaning your teeth he or she will make any observations that require the intervention of the dentist in Jacksonville Beach.

The trouble with dental problems is that they often have to be highly advanced before they become troublesome or visible. Unfortunately, when a tooth reaches this point it is often beyond repair and it will have to be extracted or drilled and repaired if possible. When an individual goes to the dentist on a regular basis, any small issues will be seen on x-rays or simply through a normal visual examination. When the dentist sees areas of potential future trouble, he or she can head them off with early intervention. The dentist can also determine if there are gum related issues or orthodontic intervention might be suggested.

By having regular dental appointments you will avoid infections which can be genuinely serious. It takes little for infection to enter the bloodstream, leading to such things as septicemia. The early detection of any dental issues can save money, unnecessary pain and potential complications affecting your health.

Even if you are fearful of a trip to the dentist, it is important that you do so. Talk to the dentist about your fears, often they can give you anti-anxiety medication which will allow you to overcome your fear or use one of the several sedatives that are available to the dentist.

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