Apr 16, 2019

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Why is Invisalign Right For Me?

You’d like to do something about your teeth. Braces would work, but you hate the idea of wearing them. There’s another option you should consider. Opting for Invisalign Yorktown Heights NY will gradually straighten and align your teeth. Along the way, you get to enjoy a few other benefits. Here are some examples.

The Lower Profile

One of the qualities that makes Invisalign Yorktown Heights NY so popular is that the aligners are clear. They are much less noticeable than traditional dentures. If you are concerned about being seen with metal braces, this approach is definitely one you want to discuss with the dentist.

Easy to Brush Your Teeth

Unlike most forms of braces, it’s possible to remove the clear aligner for short periods. For example, you can remove them in order to brush or floss your teeth. This is great, since it allows you to remove plaque and tartar much easier. After you brush your teeth, rinse out the aligner as well. You’ll notice that your mouth feels much fresher once you finish with this routine.

Lower Risk of Gum Disease

You will also find that Invisalign Yorktown Heights NY allows you to enjoy a lower risk of gum disease than other straightening options. That’s because you can rinse with mouthwash at the same time you brush and floss. You can also remove the aligner and clean it to ensure no residue remains. By getting rid of bacteria that could lead to gum infections or disease, you are doing your bit to enjoy better oral health even as your teeth are getting straighter.

Do you have some questions about Invisalign? Your dentist has the answers. Compare this option with other means of straightening your teeth and see what you think. If you decide to go with this approach, your aligners will be on the way in no time.

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