Mar 4, 2015

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Why Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY Matters

Why Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY Matters

For people who believe they have sustained injuries due to the negligence of another person or entity, it makes sense to pursue legal action against the responsible party. This is where the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY will come in handy. Here is how the attorney will go about making sure the interests of the client are protected at all times.

Taking a Good Look at the Facts
Before the Personal Injury Attorney in Brooklyn NY can provide any counsel on how to proceed, it is necessary to assess the facts surrounding to the case. To that end, the attorney will listen closely as the client goes over the events leading up to the injury, and what has occurred since that time. Along the way, the attorney is likely to ask some questions to help clarify specific points. If there are witnesses to these events, the attorney will want to talk with them. The goal is to ensure that the client does in fact have a case for personal injury before any type of legal action is taken.

Seeking a Settlement
Assuming that the attorney believes the client has a case, the next step will involve reaching out to the responsible party. At this juncture, the goal is to initiate negotiations for a reasonable settlement. If the other party is open to negotiating, then legal counsel for both sides will convene and seek to come to terms. With a little luck, a reasonable level of compensation can be determined, and the case can be settled without ever having to go to court.

Should the other party not be open to the idea of settling, then the attorney will file the proper documents with the court of jurisdiction. Once a court date is set, the attorney will prepare the specifics of the case, including arranging for witnesses to appear in court and tell what they saw to a judge.

For anyone who believes he or she has a personal injury case, it pays to consult with The Law Offices of Elan Wurtzel. After assessing the merits of the case, it will be easy to advise the client of what types of resolutions are possible, and then take the steps needed to ensure the client has a fair and balanced hearing in a court of law. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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