Aug 12, 2015

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Why Hire a Lawyer for Social Security Disability Claims in New Iberia LA

Why Hire a Lawyer for Social Security Disability Claims in New Iberia LA

Social Security Disability (SSD) provides financial assistance and support to people whose mental and physical limitations prevent them from working. Obtaining disability benefits can be a long and complicated process especially if the applicant does not have a profound knowledge of the disability law. Most claimants who might otherwise be eligible for these benefits usually become discouraged by the legal procedures involved in the process. According to the Social Security Administration, about 53 percent of the applications for disability benefits were rejected between the years 2001 and 2010. About 28 percent of the applicants were awarded benefits at the initial claim stage, and only 3 percent of the claimants obtained benefits at the reconsideration stage. It is also estimated that 13 percent of the claimants were awarded benefits after an appeal hearing. Thus, when filing Social Security Disability Claims in New Iberia LA, it is necessary to hire the services of social security disability lawyer.

An experienced disability attorney has an adequate knowledge of all the rules and regulations involved when filing disability cases. They have handled multiple disability claims before successfully. The lawyer can guide the claimant professionally throughout the entire disability claim process. While it is true that some people who apply for the benefits on their own are still approved, statistics indicate that the Social Security Administration is likely to award benefits to an applicant who is represented by an attorney. An experienced disability lawyer knows the kind of evidence that is needed to prove an applicant qualifies for the benefits.

On the initial application, the lawyer will provide reliable advice on the alleged onset date of the disability and argue that the applicant’s condition meets one of the listed impairments by the Social Security Administration. The lawyer can help the claimant focus on facts that are persuasive to the Social Security. At the hearing and reconsideration levels, the lawyer will collect and submit relevant evidence, obtain an opinion from a certified medical practitioner, draft a detail brief to the Administrative Law Judge, and prepare for the judge’s questions at the hearing. All this will help to increase the odds of being awarded the benefits.

These are just some key ways an attorney will handle Social Security Disability Claims in New Iberia LA. For more information about the services provided by an experienced disability lawyer, go to

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