Jul 20, 2013

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Why have Personalized Wine Labels

It would be a very rustic setting where one could find bottled wine without labels. This would be very much one person’s wine, grown and made by a person for his or her consumption. Once a wine moves beyond such individual production, it must be identified as to what it is and any other trade or legal notifications. Wine bottle labeling is mandatory in most countries

If a wine is offered for sale, the bottle will always have labels attached to it so that the buyer knows what is being purchased.

Adding Extra Labels to a Wine Bottle

Advertizing could be a reason for adding to the labels that the winery has already placed on their product. A restaurant or bar owner may wish to have the name of his establishment shown on the bottles that he is offering to his customers. Alternatively, in the world of corporate gifts, a business may decide to give bottles of wine to customers as a promotional gift. The advertizing desire would be lost if the bottles did not also carry a label naming the giver.

Personalized Wine Labels

Not all additional labeling for wine bottles is done for commercial advertizing reasons. Individuals may wish to specially identify wine that they are serving to their guests Personalized Wine Labels meet this need by adding a label that not only identifies the host but can also describe the reason for the occasion and its date. Such personalized bottles are often retained by the guests as souvenirs of the occasion.

Taking this concept a stage further, a bottle of wine makes a perfect give for many seasonal celebrations such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Using Personalized Wine Labels carrying your name and the reason for the gift will add an extra touch of sincerity to make the gift more appreciated.

Tie on tag type labels are readily available and you can fill in the details in suitable blank places. These may be fine for one off gifts but they can be laborious to fill in for multiple gifts and could be considered to be somewhat ordinary. Even if a tie on tag is preferred for your gifts of wine bottles, a professionally printed tag that has been personalized to your requirements will add to the prestige of the gifts.

Personalized Wine Labels from icustomlabel enable you to add a personal touch to your gifts of wine to friends, family or business acquaintances. The business is owned by Nick Chachula who takes great delight in customizing messages to suit all types of special events.


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