Why Foregoing Professional Virus Removal is a Bad Idea

If you discover that your computer has a virus on it, you may assume that your antivirus software will take care of it. However, that very same antivirus software was running when your computer was infected. This means that damage may have already been done, because the virus could have enacted any number of things before it was found. That’s why you need to seek help from a professional virus removal company.

Hidden Backdoors

Viruses can create backdoors into your network, leaving you vulnerable for future attacks. A professional computer repair, diagnosis, and virus removal company knows how to search for these backdoors and remove them, making your computer and network safe once again.


Some viruses install malware and other malicious programs on your system. These programs may track your keystrokes to learn your passwords or even capture your banking or credit card information. Once this information has been logged, that log may be sent to an identity thief or hacker who will use the information to make purchases in your name. If you suspect this is happening, take your computer to a virus removal expert as soon as possible.

Some malware will also transmit your files to someone else. While this may not be a huge loss on your personal computer if you have nothing more than some recipes, your monthly budget, and your children’s homework, it can be disastrous if these viruses manage to infect a company computer. Private customer information, prototype designs, and marketing plans can all be compromised.

Missing Files

If you find that files seem to go missing, especially files connected to your antivirus program and other tools that protect your computer, you may have a hidden virus lurking in your system. Some viruses slowly work to degrade your overall level of security, so that other viruses and malware can infect your system while its shields are down. These viruses work slowly, which means you won’t notice that your security is going down until it’s too late.

In addition to rectifying current computer troubles, a virus removal company will be able to optimize your security protocols to ensure that future problems are mitigated.

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