Why Fire Suppression Systems In Louisville, KY Are Needed

The restaurant business is one of the hottest businesses to get into. Literally, it can get really hot in the kitchen. This is especially true when a fire breaks out. The good news is that fire suppression systems in Louisville KY can stop this from happening before it gets out of hand.

A fast-paced kitchen like one in a restaurant can sometimes get very chaotic. A grease fire can break out at any time, and it can be devastating for your business. However, there is a way that you can fight grease fires before they get going. If you have fire suppression systems in Louisville KY installed, they can combat these fires, so you won’t have any loss of property or human lives. These systems work automatically when a fire has broken out on the stove so even if you aren’t at the stove, they can still extinguish the fire.

These fire suppression systems in Louisville KY are amazing. They work in two ways. The first way is by pulling the pull station to activate the system. The second way is automatic. Once the heat of the fire melts the sensor, the system will activate by itself. Once activated, the fire suppression system will spray a wet chemical that will mix with the grease fire to cool it down. It creates a foam blanket in the fire that causes a lack of oxygen so the fire goes out. Also, once the system activates, it also shuts off the gas to your stove so that the fire has no fuel to make it hot.

These systems are state-of-the-art and a must-have for any professional kitchen. You never know when a fire may break out and with this system installed, you won’t even have to be there to make sure that no damage is done. This is a system that you can trust in a bad situation. It’ll always be there to make sure that every stove fire is extinguished before something worse happens. You’ll never have to worry about a fire spreading in your restaurant again. Not only does it keep your restaurant safe but it keeps your employees and customers safe too. For more information, contact Sonitrol or visit online at https://www.sonitrolky.com/ today.

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