May 9, 2014

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Why Eschew Vinyl in Favor of Hardie Board Siding in NJ?

Vinyl siding has been popular the last few decades, but it has many downsides. One of them is that it can’t hold up to serious storms or high winds. Another is that many types eventually crack from exposure to the sun, extreme temperatures, and other normal challenges.

For these reasons, people are turning to a type of siding that is much more durable: Hardie Board. Hardie Board siding in NJ and elsewhere is made by the James Hardie Company, and it is a far stronger and more long-lasting option than vinyl. This is because it is made of fiber cement. Here are some of the specific benefits obtained by having Tristate Windows And Siding or a similar company install Hardie Board:

It Won’t Burn or Melt

Vinyl, like all plastics, will melt or even catch fire if exposed to high heat. This makes it part of the problem if there is ever a house fire. Vinyl’s ability to melt also means that it can be damaged by common sources of heat such as barbecue grills, bonfires, or even the reflection of the sun off of a neighbor’s window. It is not uncommon to see houses with at least one melted section of siding.

Hardie Board, being made of cement, is immune to both melting and burning. You won’t have to worry about whether your grill is a foot too close with this material, and you surely won’t have to care about heat that’s reflected off of neighbouring windows.

It’s Strong

This is one of the big reasons for the popularity of Hardie Board siding in NJ. You won’t have to worry about hail, high winds, or tree limbs getting knocked into the siding. It can stand up to the weather so well that it’s a preferred option in hurricane-prone areas!

It Resists Fading

Vinyl siding makers often boast that their products “never need painting.” What they don’t tell you is that all color still fades, including that which is impregnated into vinyl siding. This causes many people to try to paint vinyl anyway, only to have the paint peel and crack because of how the material expands and contracts. With Hardie Board, this isn’t a problem. The original color is baked on and can last up to 20 years. After that, any repainting done will last much longer than it would with vinyl.

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