Why “Eddie the Terrible,” Humane Society Silicon Valley Campaign Worked

Did you see ‘Eddie the Terrible’ campaign by Humane Society in Silicon Valley? Well, if you haven’t, then you have missed a major advertising lesson which could’ve helped you. For the ones who haven’t heard about it, this totally hilarious campaign of a troublesome Chihuahua’s adoption captured everyone’s attention. The Humane Society in Silicon Valley designed a campaign to reveal why Eddie was different and the annoying habits it had.

Although, the Humane Society wanted it to be adopted, it did not approach a typical pet adoption campaign. Let’s learn more from this interesting campaign that was a complete hit.

The Campaign wasn’t Depressing

Even when it is about pet adoption, no one wants to hear about the terrible stories associated with them. Animal societies across the globe make use of extremely sad images and copy to compel people to adopt. However, Eddie’s campaign was nothing like that. ‘Eddie the Terrible’ campaign was extremely fun and focused on the naughty side of the Chihuahua that was up for adoption. The things that took people’s attention were that the campaign wasn’t depressing. It included fun elements like telling everyone about Eddie’s personality traits in a hilarious way. Ad agencies in Long Island also believe in attracting audience using the most effective and unique techniques.

The Campaign Focused on Fun Things Only

Every animal shelter goes for a depressing and sad theme for their adoption campaign because they believe that it is going to have a greater impact. It is true that seeing innocent animals in pain makes people want to adopt them but many people do not like to be pulled into disheartening stories and images.

Eddie’s campaign was absolutely unique. The campaign was associated with fun and excitement. The marketers used non-conventional marketing techniques for Eddie which proved to be extremely beneficial. The animal shelter did not hesitate in telling people that Eddie is not good with other pets and it has an attitude. They also told people that Eddie is a trouble maker and only the ones who can handle it can adopt it. The campaign was honest but created excitement amongst people that wanted to own this unique dog.

Many ad agencies in Long Island use non-conventional marketing tactics to create something impactful for brands just like Eddie’s adoption campaign.

The Campaign Reached More than 5 Million Viewers

It is a dream of every marketer to reach millions of viewers. Ad agencies in Long Island have the best tools, strategies, and techniques to maximize the reach for brands. A simple marketing technique made Eddie a huge hit. If you also want your campaign to break the internet,.

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