Oct 30, 2013

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Why Drain Services in St Paul MN is the Best Choice

The use of showers, sinks, washers, and toilets in a home all depend on water being drained away to a septic system or sewer. In most cases, this action occurs without accident. But there are times when failures are experienced, and clogs prevent the water from proper drainage. This can be more than an annoyance, as standing water can present a health problem. Toilets that won’t drain don’t flush properly, for instance. You can try to fix the problem on your own or enlist Drain Services St Paul MN area for a more professional solution.

People tend to first combat clogs by using commercially available drain cleaners. In cases involving small clogs, this may work. But it’s normally not that simple. Drain clogs are caused by many things, but the most common contributors are hair, grease, and food particles. The damage is done over time, as the material accumulates inside the drain pipe. For instance, when one pours grease and fat down the drain in liquid dorm, it will slowly coat the sides of the drain pipe as it cools.

This sludge forms a nice base layer for food particles such as coffee grounds and other little bits to attach to. A plug develops and before long, the pipe is completely blocked. Water can no longer find a way to escape and flow away, and the flow backs up into the sink. The same principle applies to showers and hair blocks.

Chemical cleaners cannot handle these blocks. There may be a small, temporary victory that allows water to pass through a small hole in the clog, but the problem will quickly arise again. As such, you need to call a professional, and ditch the chemical drain cleaner. Further use can damage the pipe as it sits inside a blocked drain. Repeated use will alter and weaken the pipes, and a more expensive repair will be needed.

Drain cleaning services, such as Drain King, can use augers and small cameras to quickly find clogs. Then they can be cleaned out mechanically, or through the use of high-pressure water jets. This will alleviate the problem permanently as long as care is taken to not introduce more grease, hair, or food particles to the drain.

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