Why Dorm Life in Western Michigan Will Not Likely Be Right for You

If you have friends who have lived in a dorm on campus, they have likely told you about their experience. While campus life offers convenience, there are a lot of downsides. Some of the downsides that your friends may have mentioned could include having a little space, needing to follow a lot of rules, and being monitored all the time. Here are a few benefits you can expect if you decide to live in Western Michigan University student housing instead of a dorm on campus.

You will need to sign a lease before you move in. The lease will lay out all that is required of you and what you can expect from the Western Michigan University student housing. For the most part, most individuals simply need to be respectful of their neighbors. Besides that, they can pretty much do whatever they want. You will not be monitored or treated like a child.

Your apartment will be spacious. You will have a single bedroom with a lock on the door. Some bedrooms have a private bathroom. All of the apartments are furnished. You can expect leather-style furniture in the living room.

Something that many young people appreciate after hearing about what it is like to cook in a dorm is that student housing gives you a full kitchen. You will have a dishwasher and all that you need to cook healthy meals.

Learn how 58 West is located near the Western Michigan University campus and how you can enjoy loads of amenities while living there by visiting the following website.

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