Oct 31, 2011

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Why Do You Need An Experienced Technician for Furnace Repair?

Every household may have some problems with their heating and cooling systems at some point. Whether you are getting furnace repair work done or installing a new heating system, you should have a good relationship with your HVAC contractor and technician, in the event you need them on short notice.


A furnace may be Natural gas fired, Propane gas fired, Oil fired or Electric. The function of a basic gas fired furnace is to:


  • Take in cold air


  • Clean the air with an air filter


  • Use a stainless steel heat exchanger to heat up the air


  • Circulate the hot air through the heating ducts throughout the home with the aid of  blower motor


  • Receive cooled air returns via ductwork


  • Return air grills to be recycled through the system


Often there are very minor reasons for your gas heating system not working properly. If the furnace produces no heat, sometimes a few minor adjustments can rectify the problem instead of calling in a professional technician to do the furnace repair job. If the thermostat is turned down too low or not functioning properly, then your furnace might not heat up. Changing the thermostat dial might be all that is required to get your heating system working again. The circuit breaker or fuse controlling the heating process might alternatively be blown out or tripped. Just checking and replacing the same might save you from calling in a technician for your furnace repair. Simple issues like your pilot light being out or gas valve accidentally closed, might cause your heating system to not work!


Checking these components might offer an instant solution to your problem. At times the air filters might be clogged, or gas burners get dirty over time. In these cases you should call in a certified technician to conduct a proper furnace repair service. Changing the furnace filter or cleaning the same might be done by the homeowner but other major changes should never be tried by an inexperienced homeowne. Only professionally trained technicians should be engaged to do the job.


When employing professional help for your furnace repair, ensure they are properly trained and certified heating and air conditioning contractors with wide experience. Many HVAC contractors offer a free estimation of their services and tips on trouble shooting that help you save money in the long term. If you’re getting a new heating system installed or an old one replaced or repaired, the job might be costly. Reputed HVAC contractors might offer financing in easy installments, so it’s easier to pay off your furnace repair. Oklahoma City has experienced contractors offering good service with easy finance facilities to residents.

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