Jul 9, 2018

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Why Do You Need a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Norwich, CT?

No one ever heads out on the road expecting to be seriously injured. No one plans to go in for a surgery or treatment and come out unable to work or maintain a normal lifestyle. However, these things happen, and when they do, it’s important to seek advice and assistance from a catastrophic injury attorney in Norwich, CT as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many people miss out on the benefits that come with having a legal professional on their side from the very beginning.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

While it always helps to obtain the services of an attorney when someone has been injured, there are times when the problem is so severe that a person is no longer able to return to their life and continue with current employment or gain new employment. Injuries that affect the nervous system are usually considered catastrophic. Loss of limbs and loss of brain function are other examples of situations that would benefit from having an experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Norwich, CT represent the family.

Collecting the Evidence

It’s important to have evidence of the injury, including what happened, when it happened, and what individuals may be responsible for the situation. Families aren’t always sure what is important, so they may not save all of the paperwork or go back and speak with people that were around at the time of the injury. This means that critical evidence could be lost. An attorney understands what it takes to bring this type of case before the court and starts working with families to get together the necessary paperwork and even contact information for people that could be important when it comes time to make a statement about the incident.

Understanding the Compensation

Many individuals and families are looking for compensation to help them take care of the medical bills associated with an injury. But, they don’t realize that is isn’t just about the money that is being spent right now. It’s also necessary to look ahead and see what the injured person will be missing out on, including the lack of income for the rest of their life. Click Here to learn more about catastrophic injuries or to set up a consultation with Stephen M. Reck.

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