Sep 17, 2014

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Why do Gates with Commercial Automatic Gate Warranties Cost More than Residential Ones?

When many people see the cost of a commercial gate, they wonder what makes it so much more expensive than a residential one. The main thing that makes it cost more is its durability. A residential gate may be expected to be opened a few times per day at maximum, while a commercial one might be used hundreds of times a day. Therefore, manufacturers must use stronger and more expensive parts to ensure that it will keep working for a reasonable amount of time.

In many cases, the first tip-off that it is made of stronger materials is the way it looks. It’ll typically be made with thicker bars and simply look stronger. However, the important parts are the ones that aren’t normally seen. The rollers, opening mechanism, and lock will all be constructed so that they can withstand heavy use. Commercial Automatic Gate Warranties are also set up with the assumption that the gate is going to be passed through up to hundreds of times a day.

These differences are also why residential gate warranties specifically exclude commercial applications. Residential gates aren’t expected to be able to withstand tens of thousands of uses during their lifetimes, so the company would lose quite a bit of money if it guaranteed that they would hold up under those conditions. When people try using residential gates in high-traffic areas anyway, they’ll find that the company will usually refuse to honor the warranty. This makes it worthwhile to go ahead and get a commercial gate when one is called for.

In some instances, it can be hard to determine whether a commercial or residential gate is the most suitable. A small company will often figure that they don’t use their gate enough to need the extra durability of one that’s meant to be placed at the entrance to a subdivision or golf course. In those cases, it generally boils down to whether the buyer thinks the power of Commercial Automatic Gate Warranties is worth the extra cost. The main caveat is that a residential gate warranty won’t provide protection if the repair company sees that the gate is at a business. Therefore, it’s worth it to get the commercial gate for a small business if the buyer wants to be sure that he or she won’t have to pay for early repairs. For more information visit Ace Garage Door Company, LLC



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