Aug 11, 2015

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Why Do Auto Accidents Cause Subluxations?

Auto accidents leave behind many injuries. The most common type is a soft tissue injury. When the soft tissues of the neck and spine are pulled and experience trauma, the bones often come out of alignment. When the vertebrae come out of alignment, they can cause other problems that can have lasting results. This is why it is imperative people see an Auto Accident Chiropractor Colorado Springs. The sooner a chiropractor is seen, the less likely damage will be allowed to continue.

When the bones of the spine are out of alignment, they press on the many nerves that branch off of the spinal cord. As the nerves become compressed, they not only cause severe pain, they can also have their signal sending ability interrupted. If the nerves can no longer signal surrounding nerves properly, this can result in mobility concerns, pins and needles sensations and numbness and burning.

To find out if subluxations have been caused by a car accident, the chiropractor will need to perform a physical examination and talk with the patient about their pain and mobility concerns. Often, the doctor can pinpoint the cause of the pain without performing any further testing. Even if the doctor is fairly sure a subluxation has occurred, X-rays will most likely be taken to reveal any further issues.

Correction of subluxations is done in several ways. First, the patient’s injured area is treated with heat and massage, so the muscles become more limber and pliable. Once the muscles have been treated, the doctor will manipulate the bones to move them back into their position. Often, the doctor will use their hands or have the patient move into certain positions. In many cases, the doctor will also have the patient perform special exercises at home so the supporting muscles can become stronger, helping to prevent subluxations from occurring.

Those who have been hit by another car may be experiencing subluxations from the force of impact. If you are in pain because of an accident, call the office of Brian C. Helland D.C. He and his staff will help you to understand what is causing your pain and will do all they can to bring you natural relief.

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