Why DIY Installation of Water Heaters in Chattanooga, TN, Is Inadvisable

It’s possible for homeowners to remove an old water heater and install a new one as a do-it-yourself project, but this is strongly discouraged. Many people don’t realize that improper installation of these appliances can actually have dangerous consequences. They also don’t realize thatwater heaters in Chattanooga, TN, and elsewhere should be inspected and maintained every few years to prevent serious problems from developing.

The removal and installation of an electric water heater isn’t as much of an issue as installation of gas appliances would be. Whenever natural gas or propane is involved, though, the work should be done by a professional plumber who installs water heaters in Chattanooga, TN.

The Risk of Explosion

Improperly installed gas appliances can explode. With a water heater, this can happen if the pressure relief valve is not installed correctly. The buildup of pressure can cause the appliance to blow up.

Toxic Fumes

Improper installation can also lead to a leak of deadly gas fumes or carbon monoxide into the home. Natural gas and propane leaks may be detected if somebody is home because the substances are treated with a chemical that has a distinctive odor. Carbon monoxide, however, has no odor. Its presence is only found with a carbon monoxide detector.

Water Leakage

Water may leak from an appliance that has been set up incorrectly. If the situation is not noticed promptly, thousands of dollars of damage can occur in the home.

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