May 3, 2014

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Why Direct Mail Still Works Today

Direct Mail Services are a proven form of marketing. Although technology has grown in strides and is constantly changing in order to reach more people the very fact that it is a newer mode of communication makes many people less trusting of receiving information through email and hand held devises. Direct mail services offer a tried and true way of communicating with your customers. Here is why you should still consider using direct mail services to get your message out to your clients:

* The Rules: Many companies were very unhappy to discover the no call list. Those who depended on call lists to reach their customers as well as to market to new customers were given a cold dose of reality when the government allowed people to opt out of receiving sales calls at home. The same rules do not apply to direct mail services. In fact even those receiving emails have an opt out option but it is very hard for people to opt out of receiving direct mail services.
* Better Targeting: Although technology is trying to give old school approaches such as direct marketing a run for its money, direct mail services embrace technology as it allows them to refine their target audiences. You can combine information you collect via opt in mailers on your website, collect more up to date and accurate information for your mailing services and even find affordable up to date mailing lists you can rent or buy. This means there is more readily available targeting options that will help you reach more people and more importantly people who want to hear from you. You can track past purchases using tools such as loyalty programs as well.
* Trust Factor: Mail is still the trusted mode of receiving information from companies. Many people fear the spam mail and potential viruses and spyware that can infiltrate their computers and private information. They are still hesitant to open emails that may bring a virus to their system so direct mail services offer you a more trusted way to speak to people. There is also zero chance of your mail being stuck in a spam folder on someone’s computer.
* Longevity: Mail is more personal and allows people to read at their leisure and act in their own good time. You can combine direct mail with technology by offering a QR code or send them to a survey online. It is the best of both worlds.

People still like to have something tangible like mail that they can hold in their hands so they can refer to it when they need it.

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