Jan 18, 2016

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Why Consider Opting For A Long Term Car Rental In Costa Rica?

Liberia is considered the perfect stop over for many who fly into Costa Rica. It even has its own international airport – the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport. As a result, you can fly into the oldest city in the country, grab a cab or arrange for a car rental before taking off to your hotel or to enjoy the sites. If you plan to remain for a while in the area, you should not just rent but consider a long term car rental.

The Beauty of Liberia

Liberia features many buildings from its colonial past. Red tile roofs atop white washed buildings stand against the blue skies. Is it any wonder this once sleepy, cowboy town is known as the “White City?” City planners have made certain that the avenues make driving or walking easier than in some of the other cities in Costa Rica. You can easily find many of the local attractions including:

  • Iglesia de la Agonia, the town’s oldest church
  • Parque Centrale
  • Museo de Guancaste – in the Old Town Jail
  • Inglesia Immaculada Concepcíon de Maria

You will also find enough restaurants and cafés to make every day you remain here a dining delight. Yet, it would be a shame to remain only in the city with so much happening beyond in the province of Guanacaste. If you do plan to stay longer, you will need to consider a long term car rental.

Why Decide on a Long Term Car Rental?

The area surrounding Liberia is home to a cowboy culture. Here, cattle remain a prominent agricultural resource. While cowboys or the annual rodeos may not interest you, perhaps visiting other nearby attractions might. To reach such places as:

  • Santa Rosa National Park
  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park
    Or take part in many of the activities outside the city including
  • Boat trips
  • Eco trips
  • Rafting trips
  • Hiking through the rainforest

may require more than a week. Unless you have other plans, you can arrange to stay for a longer period. This is one reason why you need to consider a long term car rental. Other reasons are generally financial and include:

  • Low Deposit: Often when you rent a vehicle for a lengthy period (Each company will have its own policy) you may be required to deposit less than you would otherwise
  • Lower Daily Rates: If you book a long term car rental, the rate you receive is almost universally lower than that charged for a shorter rental
  • Flexibility: Often car rental companies are more flexible in their contracts with long term car rentals

Staying Longer in Liberia? Arrange for a Long Term Car Rental

If you want to give Liberia and its surrounding area the attention it deserves, you may need to prolong your stay. You can enjoy the country and still save money. What you need to do is to talk to the rental company about a long term car rental.

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