Why Clean Air Is Crucial to COPD and Immune Comprised Patients

If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, or a compromised immune system, you may be susceptible to secondary illnesses resulting from environmental factors. Because of this, you should consider the services of an air quality control company professional to evaluate the air quality in your home to make sure that it is healthy. Here are some reasons why clean air is crucial to COPD and immune-compromised patients.

Airborne Particulate
Airborne particular can gain entry into your home through your fireplace, chimney, open doors and windows, and your ventilation system. Breathing in airborne particulate, which is a combination of liquid and solid particles, can wreak havoc on your respiratory system if you have COPD.

Airborne particulates that compromise the air quality of your home include those from construction sites, structural fires, and unpaved sidewalks and roads. If you inhale particulate, it may trigger an inflammatory response to the lungs and alveoli, causing wheezing, shortness of breath, and infections.

Mold Spores
While inhaling a few mold spores may not lead to serious illnesses in healthy people, those with compromised immune systems may be at risk for serious fungal infections. Inhaling mold spores can cause fungal infections of the sinuses and lungs, and even though your doctor can prescribe antifungal medications to treat the infection, it may be resistant to treatment.

Also, it is not uncommon for fungal infections to last for weeks to months, and even if the microorganism is eradicated with medications, the fungal infection can quickly return. Be sure to see your doctor if you develop thick nasal drainage, a bad taste in your mouth, fever, chills, chest pain, or persistent cough. An air quality control company specialist can test your air quality for mold spores, and if they are found, will recommend an effective plan of action.

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