Apr 2, 2019

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Why Choose Steel Anchor Plate for Your Concrete Floors?

Why Choose Steel Anchor Plate for Your Concrete Floors?

Many industries today have concrete floors, and they need protection. You can cover them with an epoxy sealer, and this may help to keep them fresh and new looking. However, epoxy does not protect against scratches and damages which commonly occur in an industrial environment. Instead, you should think about durable steel floor plate . It offers a wide range of benefits.

What is Anchor Plate for Concrete Flooring?

Anchor plate is made from heavy-grade steel. One side is specially designed to stick to concrete. This forms a strong layer of protection which is permanent. Most plates have textured surfaces to prevent slipping and increase traction. Your new plate can attach to new or old concrete. Old concrete needs a layer of fresh concrete adhered to the old surface.


If a worker drops something heavy on concrete, the floor may crack. Large equipment may wear concrete in one area, especially in places with high traffic. Steel floor plate is one of the best ways to prevent damage from accidents and heavy equipment.


Do your floors sometimes get damp or wet? Maybe you have uphill surfaces which make it difficult to haul heavy loads. Steel plates improve traction and make it safer for people to walk on.

Less Downtime

Falls in the workplace are a common source of lost time injuries. If a worker gets injured, you must file worker compensation claims and your safety reputation is damaged. When someone is off work, you have to pay an employee overtime or hire a temp worker to replace him or her. Steel plates help prevent a lot of slip and fall injuries.


Steel floor plate makes concrete last longer. You have fewer maintenance concerns. This helps to lower operating expenses and increase profits. You enjoy a more efficient company with a safer work environment.

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