Mar 14, 2016

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Why Choose a Full Service Moving Company in Atlanta?

Why Choose a Full Service Moving Company in Atlanta?

Maybe you are buying a new home or transferring to another city. Whatever reasons you have for moving, you have a major task ahead of you. There are three basic options when you relocate. You can do everything yourself, hire some of the work, or use a full-service moving company in Atlanta. Let’s look at all three options to see which suits you best.

On Your Own
In some cases, there is no need to seek out professional movers. For example, you might be young and single and moving out of your parents’ home. It is very easy to rent a moving truck (or use a pickup truck) to haul the things you wish to move. However, if a family is moving it is completely different because you are essentially transferring your lifestyle from one place to another, and if these places are very far apart, the job of moving can be monumental.

Here are some of the risk factors you will assume when you move:

  • Injuries – you or those helping you can get hurt.
  • Damage to your home – this includes both old and new homes.
  • Damage to your possessions – includes moving and items in transit.

These risk factors do not include all the hard work and inconveniences you may have to suffer through if you fail to use a full-service moving company in Atlanta.

Hire Some of the Work
Maybe you can hire a freight company to haul your things. This will only solve a few issues, and you’ll still face a lot of risks and problems. Plus, you may not save as much as you think with this strategy.

Full-Service Movers
It makes sense to go with a full-service moving company in Atlanta for some reasons. For example:

  • You have professional help with the most important part, planning your move. Your moving coordinator helps you get everything together, so you experience few problems along the way.
  • Free estimates – you know ahead of time how much you will pay for the services, so you can decide if they are within your budget or not.
  • Storage – you won’t have to rent a storage locker and haul your things back and forth. Your movers have storage warehouses with temperature controlled environments, and they do the work, including inventorying your possessions.
  • Home marketing services – your full-service moving company in Atlanta offers special services to help you market and sell your home.

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