Jun 4, 2014

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Why Buy Rubber Door Products?

For a traditional thinker, doors pretty much come in two materials—metal or wood. This is just the way it has always been.  For those who run warehouses and loading docks, however, the advantages of a rubber door are well-known. Rubber doors accomplish many of the same functions as other types of doors, but they do it with a number of advantages that make them perfect for certain situations.

Applications for Rubber Doors
Rubber doors are especially useful in high traffic areas where there will be a lot of opening and closing taking place, but the door needs to remain sealed when not in use. The main areas where these doors often get used are loading docks, warehouses and assembly lines. Because rubber does not conduct heat and cold very well, rubber doors tend to be especially useful in climate controlled areas, like those in science programs or the food service industry. Many times, people in these industries will buy rubber door products rather than choosing other door options.

Advantages of Rubber Doors
One of the things to expect with garage doors is that people will frequently run into them with vehicles. It’s rare to see an industrial steel garage door that doesn’t have some kind of dent or ding in it. Rubber doors are not subject to that kind of problem—vehicles just bounce off without leaving so much as a scratch. Rubber doors are very light compared to steel and wood, so they do not require as much force to open. This means that there is less of a mechanism required to move the door, which in turn means that the door can be installed in a tighter space that might not have room for as much hardware – and there are no dangerous exposed tension springs.

The reduced amount of hardware and the fact that rubber is relatively inexpensive leads to a great reduction in cost for those who choose to buy rubber doors over steel or wood ones. Rubber doors also save on costs because they are very durable and tend to last longer than doors made from other materials.


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