May 20, 2014

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Why Buy Artificial Plants And Trees When You Can Rent Them?

These days, architects, commercial interior decorators and even ordinary homeowners are regularly placing Artificial Plants And Trees around their premises. This is being done purely on aesthetic grounds based on people’s love of nature and the power of decoration to please and satisfy the occupants of any interior space.

In nature, plants and trees play a vital part in stabilizing the Earth’s atmosphere and climate and are essential for the quality of life for any living entity on our planet. Unfortunately, having a few potted plants in a room does not do too much to affect the overall air quality within that room. In any case, the complications of caring for living plants indoors can outweigh any advantage one may gain from their presence.

Indoors, Artificial Beats Natural

Be it Artificial Plants And Trees or even flowers, the very fact that they can be sized to meet your exact requirements, have a long life and require very little maintenance, makes artificial an ideal choice for indoor use. Today’s producers of faux plants and flowers have perfected their arts to the point where their end results are barely distinguishable from the real thing.

Much of this is due to advances in dying textiles such as silk, polyester or nylon and then crafting it into natural looking flowers and leaves. These can then be attached to artificial stems, branches or even trunks in a manner that makes them appear to have grown there. In these litigious, safety conscious times, it is important to note that that the better Artificial Plants And Trees are manufactured in certified fire retardant materials.

Outdoors Also

Maybe simply from laziness or from an inability for a plant of the type you want to grow where you want to place it, Artificial Plants And Trees are also gaining popularity for fully or semi-outside positioning. No soil needed, long life, maintenance free and the availability of fully U/V and weather protected materials are all some of the reasons for this trend.

Rent Or Buy?

In a scenario where someone needs plants for decorating a booth at a trade show, or for a one off social event like a wedding. That is when the economics of renting will be most obvious. However, high traffic areas like resorts, hotels or shopping malls might decide that, to keep their décor fresh, they need to regularly change the plants on display. Here again, renting might be the best option.

For the home owner, stability in décor could be required. Therefore, outright purchase may be better for them than long term rental. The answer is, perhaps, to each according to their needs.

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