Feb 6, 2014

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Why Businesses Use MPLS Connections

Multi-Protocol Label Switching, or MPLS Connections for short, is a network connection that is used to speed up the flow of traffic on a network. MPLS Connections work by reorganizing the network to make better use of the paths that exist. This reduces the amount of traffic that will have to experience a slower connection.

This type of connection makes it easier to transfer data without having to worry about losing any of that data during the transfer. It also eliminates interference with the transfer as well. It will even reduce the chance of data being stored which can also cause slow connections and high traffic.

Most companies prefer to use an MLSP Ethernet fiber connection for all of their data transfer needs for a number of different reasons including the fact that it is extremely efficient. The fiber cable is actually made out of a glass material. This means that the data you transfer is actually being sent in the form of light. The reason it works so effectively is because it is reflected at such a high rate. Companies tend to invest in this kind of connection if they transfer a lot of video and voice data. These are bigger data files that can clog up the network and take a lot longer to get from one point to the other.

When you are working with traditional cables, you have to keep in mind that they are made out of copper. Anytime there is a lightning storm, your data transfers will be interrupted. Fiber connections, on the other hand, are not effected by electricity at all. Another perk to using fiber connections is the fact that they do not have to be grounded in order to use them. This means that you do not need nearly the man power to get them installed properly. Traditional cables would end up being a pretty large and complicated job. Once everything is said and done fiber cables are always going to transfer data faster because of the material they are made out of and their method for transfer. Which cable is best for you really depends on how much data you transfer and how fast you need it to get there.

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