Aug 20, 2014

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Why an Exterminator Should Handle Termite Control in Charlottesville VA

Living with pests in your home isn’t the best experience. Some of the common and most destructive pests are termites. If you have noticed signs of termites around your home, you need to start looking for an exterminator immediately. Here is a detailed explanation as to why exterminators should handle termite control Charlottesville VA.

How a termite infestation occurs

To most people, seeing a few termites crawling around the kitchen or garden isn’t a thing that bothers them. Even if it does, the most they think about doing is getting a bug spray to eliminate them. The problem with this approach is that every time you will spot a few and spray, then much to your dismay, you will keep seeing a few more. This happens because there can never be just a handful of termites in a home. These insects live in highly organized colonies. If you are seeing a few crawling around, it means there is a colony with thousands of them in a nest somewhere in the yard. As you keep spraying the few that you see, the others are working underground, eating away at your home from under. By the time you realize the degree of destruction the termites have caused, you will have to do the remodeling.

The destructiveness of termites

*   Termites like building mud trails everywhere they go. These trails are an eyesore, especially on whitewashed walls and other surfaces.

  Termites eat a lot. They take in everything from the food in the kitchen, to wood and even books in the library. If termites happen to nest anywhere where there are wooden structures, they can completely destroy the house.

  Termites contaminate everything that they come into contact with and create a health hazard in the home.

*   Termite bites are very painful.

When you call in experts in termite control in Charlottesville VA area, they will look for the best as opposed to trying to deal with a handful. After they have destroyed the nest and decimated the colony, they will assess damages and help you treat structures to protect them from future damage.

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