Why an Audiophile Subwoofer is the Best Thing in a Quality Soundsystem

Certain genres of music really work much better with high quality speakers and high caliber rates. From the miniature earbuds to the wall-pounding stacked stereo sets, music quality is more about honing the best sound as opposed to simply enjoying the music. Enjoyment is gained through an audiophile subwoofer, because the quality of the sound is enhanced with such genuine clarity.

Older music fans will recall the days of mono recordings. The Beatles entire catalog was only available in mono for a time being. But the adaptation of full focus stereo sound mixing was the first step in placing audio quality on a pedestal. The Beatles catalog was subsequently re-released in full stereo sound, and the vastness in quality was immediately realized. Mono, in its purest sense, means the mix is equal across the board and all speakers play the same volume. Stereo mixes will actually bring forward or lower certain mixes in the sound, such as the percussion or guitar work. So when artists discuss clarity and sound mixing (and especially remastering) they are talking about remixing the output and changing certain channel volumes. In the sense of speakers, this will allow certain sounds to come through louder or have sounds bounce back and forth throughout the speaker system

The subwoofer itself feels the brunt of the lower end sounds. It acts as the bass speaker- a thumping boom boom that pounds the ground and brings out the richness of the sound. Audiophiles love the sound of the subwoofer, especially in the hip-hop genre where bass is a paramount to the overall design of the sound.

But even rock and jazz genres strongly rely on a bass-heavy sound. Sometimes, they use bass as simply a sound accessory, and a great quality audiophile subwoofer will bring out that quality that a listener may not have been able to hear before.

From stereo to mono mixes, from subwoofers to leading speaker channels, sound is an important component to a quality music listening experience. Though many people listen casually and ignore these elements, ignorance is bliss. A great speaker goes a long way in making, say a Beatles album exceptional to legendary.

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