Why All University Students in Lubbock Should Try Off-Campus Housing

It is no secret that dorm living will give you the full college experience, but it is also true that its perks aren’t always worth it. Here is why renting an off-campus apartment is the more rewarding option.

It Is Cheaper

The struggling college student phenomenon isn’t dying out anytime soon, so every dollar should be put to good use. However, dorm costs are insane, mainly because they are packaged with a bunch of miscellaneous fees for services that you can’t opt out of. Off-campus housing at TTU offers the best solution for this money issue as you would only be in charge of your rental portion, leaving you more funds to spend elsewhere!

It Is Roomier

As a university student, you might not need a four-bedroom pad to store your belongings, but you will likely need more than what a dorm will afford you. With off-campus housing at TTU, you will not only be given a larger space to work with, but you will also have access to various storage areas as well.

It Will Give You a Better Taste of the Adult Life

You might be of adult age, but having to abide by a strict curfew and being told when you can have guests isn’t very adult-like. When you have your own apartment, you can enjoy all of the perks that the campus has to offer and still be able to go home to seize the night a little longer.

Upgrade your college experience by renting at Capstone Cottages of Lubbock, where the scenery is beautiful and the price is right.

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