Feb 1, 2016

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Why A Truck Accident Lawyer?

Why A Truck Accident Lawyer?

When a truck is one of the vehicles involved in an accident there is often much more to it than if the accident involved two cars. A truck accident lawyer is one that understands the complexities of this type of situation and knows what is at stake. Some truck accident lawyers focus on defending the errant truck driver, others defend the driver and occupants of the other vehicle involved while still others represent insurance companies who protect the truck companies.

Unlike other areas of law, a New Orleans truck accident lawyer possesses in-depth knowledge of several areas of law, all of which have a material impact of cases of this nature. To be successful in supporting the interests of his or her client the lawyer must understand and deal with the laws that pertain to personal injury, insurance, corporate liability and even traffic laws.

The majority of accidents that involve a large truck are factually complicated. Whereas an accident involving cars only involves individual drivers and the insurance companies of each of them, an accident involving a truck usually involves at least one commercial entity. Large trucks are driven for commercial purposes, they are not vehicles used for any other reason; the drivers act as corporate agents when they are behind the wheel. It is the task of a New Orleans truck accident lawyer to determine whether the fault lies at the feet of the trucker as an individual or as a corporate agent or whether the fault is the corporations, a third party driver or even a government entity that is responsible for road maintenance.

The ultimate goal of the truck accident lawyer is to serve the clients best interests but to do this he or she really must be a “fact finder.” An accident involving a large truck by necessity involves a large number of facts and it is the task of the lawyer to understand more than just the facts surrounding the accident, the lawyer must also understand what led up to the accident in the first place. There are many considerations; how many hours was the driver behind the wheel when the accident occurred, was the driver under the influence of drugs or had he been drinking are important questions that must be addressed. The same holds true for the maintenance and condition of the road where the accident happened. There are far more twists and turns in an accident involving a large truck than there is when the vehicles are private cars.

If you have figured in an accident involving a large truck you will be wise to hire a seasoned New Orleans truck accident lawyer. You are invited to contact the Womac Law Firm and take advantage of a free consultation.

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