Feb 23, 2016

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Why A Service Contract With One Of The Local Pest Control Services Makes Sense

Homeowners love to have guests, but they prefer visitors be of the human variety. Finding that the house is now a home for rodents, roaches, and other types of pests is not something anyone likes. One of the ways to get rid of those unwelcome guests and keep them away is by securing a contract with one of the local Pest Control Services. Here are some of the benefits that come with this solution.

A Full Annual Inspection

Most Pest Control Services include a comprehensive annual home inspection as part of the contract benefits. The inspection is not merely to determine if some sort of pest has managed to get into the home. As part of the process, the professional will be on the lookout for any factors that could make it easier for an infestation to develop. That means a close inspection of cracks around windows, spaces under doors, and a host of other potential issues. The information that the homeowner obtains from the inspection will go a long way toward keeping the place pest-free.

Recurring Treatments

Taking a proactive approach to pest control does mean treating the home on a regular basis. As part of the service contract, a professional will be out from time to time and administer treatments to the interior and exterior of the home. The frequency of the treatments will vary depending on the terms of the contract. Some homeowners will want monthly treatments while others will be happy with treatments every two months.

Help on Demand

The terms of the service contract also entitle the client to help on demand. This is especially important if something out of the ordinary should occur. For example, if the client should find that a snake has managed to get in through a basement window or a raccoon has gotten into the attic, it pays to have a professional take care of the problem. All it will take is one call for help to be on the way.

For anyone who would like to set up a service contract today, call the team at Valley Inspections & Pests Inc. It will not take long to go over the plans and find one that provides the right combination of benefits and cost. You can like them on Facebook.

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