Why a Roofing Contractor in Brookfield WI Installs Flat Roofs on Houses

Flat roofs are usually seen on commercial and institutional buildings. However, some residences have flat roofs as well. Since flat roofs tend to be prone to leaking earlier than pitched roofs are, people may wonder why some houses and detached garages are constructed with flat roofs. A

roofing contractor in Brookfield, WI, understands the reasons for this choice.

Lower Price

The main advantage is the lower price for flat roof installation. A peaked roof requires substantially more materials to build that pitch and more labor is necessary. Commercial buildings typically have flat roofs because their size makes a pitched roof not feasible financially. Property owners who want a new home constructed but need to cut costs might choose a flat roof to be installed by a roofing contractor in Brookfield, WI.

Modernist Style

Some property owners want a modernist style for their home that needs a flat roof to achieve. Flat roofs are definitive features of this architectural style. Some parts of the roof may tilt upward or downward to a certain extent, but the construction is still technically a flat roof. Often, these homes are also characterized by large expanses of glass that adds to the sleek look.

Preventing Problems

As long as the homeowners keep up with maintaining the flashing and other areas of the roof that usually are places where leaks develop, they should be able to prevent those problems. They can hire a roofer to do this work annually if they prefer. Installation, repair and maintenance service is provided by website.

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