Mar 4, 2016

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Whole House Generators in Chicago Heights, IL

Whole House Generators in Chicago Heights, IL

As winter begins to wind down, many people in the Chicago Heights, Illinois area turn their thoughts towards severe springtime weather. This type of weather typically brings the chance for heavy rain, high winds, frequent lightning and, occasionally, a tornado. However, one of the most common side effects of severe weather in this area of Illinois is extended power outages. In order to combat this, many homeowners look to provide their homes with temporary power from Generators in Chicago Heights IL.

For most homeowners, a small portable generator will typically provide enough power to get them through a few hours without electricity. This is often enough power to operate something like a refrigerator to keep food fresh, a small portable air conditioning unit to keep at least part of the home comfortable and a few lights during the power outage. However, there are people that like to be more prepared to provide their home with the necessary power for it to operate for several hours or several days without the need for grid power.

These types of Generators in Chicago Heights IL are typically called whole house generators. They run off of natural gas provided by subterranean gas lines, and they are typically hooked into the homes wiring. This means that should grid power be cut because of a severe weather event, the whole house generator will automatically cut on. These generators can be used to power at least half of the homes existing circuits or, in some cases, larger generators can be used to power the entire home.

However, it’s important to understand that these sorts of generators aren’t something simple to hook up like hooking up an extension cord to a portable gasoline powered generator. They will need to be installed by professional electricians, like what a person may find at Bates Electric Inc. With as complicated as the wiring for these types of generators are, it would be wise to leave this job in the hands of somebody who is a licensed and professional electrician.

If you want to prepare your house for extended power outages, one of the best ways to do this is with a whole house generator. They can be costly, and installation can be more involved than a portable generator, but it’s the best way to remain comfortable, even through extended power outages.

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