Who Are Distribution Drivers?

Distribution drivers have a duty to transport packages and goods from one place to another. Usually, their work is to load and unload goods. They also use navigation to locate the destination of the parcel. There are plenty of driver opportunities out there since online selling has become extremely popular. People now prefer buying online as it is easy and convenient.


Usually, distribution drivers do not need qualifications or any degree to work. However, since they need to use a vehicle to travel long distances, they will need to have a driver’s license. For them to have a license they need to be 18 years old; they also need to pass a certification that shows that they’re equipped to drive and deliver items. Other than that, the laws of the state they work in can have their own terms as well.


The average earnings of delivery drivers tend to vary from one place to another. Plus, in some places and businesses their drivers can receive and keep tips that they receive from customers. This is extremely beneficial for these drivers as they make many deliveries and they get to make more than other delivery drivers.

However, the same can’t be said for other distribution or delivery drivers. Not every business allows them to take or even keep tips. This works against them, obviously. Plus, these drivers go through intense physical exhaustion due to their nature of work. Not only are they driving a lot, they have to load and unload the items as well.

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