Feb 24, 2014

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Whitening and Your Local Dentists Catonsville

The first attempts were made teeth whitening over a hundred years ago. White teeth is achieved by means of various acids (which are deposited on the surface as well as the cavity of the tooth), chlorine and high temperatures, which, as you can imagine, it was not safe for health. Since this type of whitening has undergone significant changes. Modern techniques are practically safe for whitening teeth. Numerous studies and clinical trials in the field of dentistry prove it. If you are interested in dental whitening, contact your local Dentists Catonsville.

Professional whitening

Its essence is to apply whitening gel on your enamel and enhancing it with light, heat or laser in order to speed up the procedure. On examination, the dentist looks at the condition of your mouth before bleaching. He or she will also take a peek at the original color of the teeth, identify the causes of the darkening, and will warn you about the possible need to alter some of the seals or fillings after the procedure. This is because dental whitening leaves some color discrepancy (bleaching does not change the color of these items).

The process is completely painless. First, dentists isolate the mucosa and gums to avoid contamination from the whitening gel. Then, the gel is applied to the teeth for 10-15 minutes (depending on the chosen system). Afterwards, a special lamp or laser is activated and then the gel is then removed and the teeth is washed and applied with a new batch of gel. This happens a few times. The whitening procedure itself takes about 45-60 minutes.

After the procedure, Dentists Catonsville will evaluate the color of your teeth. For added protection, they may cover the teeth with a fluoride varnish. After office whitening, you may experience the following complications:

  • Irritation and soreness of the gums as a result of contamination from the whitening gel. These unpleasant sensations disappear within a few hours;
  • Tooth sensitivity. Teeth can react to hot and cold for a few days until the tooth has formed a natural protective film. In this case, you must use a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Of course, modern technology allows no harm to the health of your teeth, but like any procedure, whitening has its contraindications. Check with your dentist to learn this list. For more information on whitening, and other procedures.

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