Jul 4, 2016

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White Glove Service in Los Angeles-A Lost Art

White Glove Service in Los Angeles-A Lost Art

It can be difficult to find a service that respects your goods enough to offer white glove service in Los Angeles. There are many occasions when you should see someone pulling white gloves out as added protection for your valuables but unfortunately unless you are dealing with a professional highly skilled service you may not ever see anyone pull those gloves out. It can be nerve wracking to think that the items that you work so hard to collect are at risk.

Why You Need White Glove Services

The oils on the skin can be highly damaging to precious metals, fine art, collections, antiques and a wide range of other items and goods. White cotton gloves keep the oils off the items that can cause damage. Other items that can be damaged by being touched with bare hands are:

  • Textiles
  • Pottery
  • Memorabilia
  • Paper goods

A professional service that is tasked with handling your precious goods should automatically reach for the white gloves in consideration of the protection of your items. This type of service allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your goods are not at risk.

Don’t Settle

If you have called a service and they show up without white gloves don’t allow them to handle your property. It speaks volumes about the level of concern that they have for your items and you are taking a risk. There is a service that offers white glove treatment for your items because they are concerned with ensuring that the condition of your items are not compromised by their handling.

Don’t settle for less than the highest standard of treatment for the items that you value. Art Pack provides the services that you need including white glove service to ensure the highest standards are met to transport, store, deliver and install your art/collections.

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