Apr 3, 2018

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White Glove Service: A Brief Walkthrough

White Glove Service: A Brief Walkthrough

What is the finest dining experience you have ever had? Was the food exquisitely prepared? Was it black tie? If so, then you’ve experienced something vaguely similar to white glove service. The term white glove service may seem out of place somewhat, in an industry dedicated to moving as many items to as many people at as low a cost as possible. However, white glove services are an increasingly popular trend in the transportation industry, and the people deserve to know at least the basics of why. So, if you’ve heard of white glove service in Los Angeles, but are confused as to what it is, please read on for a brief overview of the service.

#1. What are white glove services?

White glove services are transportation services dedicated to transportation management services that go above and beyond the normal expectations for delivery services. For instance, basic delivery services will just put the package in your mailbox or on your front doorstep and call it a day. A white glove service will go up to the door, contact you, and tell you they are at the door, provided that the doorbell did not catch your attention. They will then remain there to greet you and hand you the package personally. White glove services take every precaution possible with the packages they deliver.

#2. What products require such transportation?

The next obvious point is asking what items could be so important as to require such luxury in their delivery. The answer is simple. If it can’t or shouldn’t be simply dropped off at the doorstep and forgotten, then white glove services would be required to handle the delivery. This could range from any number of things, such as jewels, expensive clothing, vehicles, to many other incredibly valuable items.

#3. Service beyond delivery

The most appealing part of white glove service is that its service extends well beyond just the act of delivery. The delivery person is required to touch base with the recipient of the package when they’re within range of the home, so that the person knows that their delivery is on its way. Other little touches like that make white glove service one of the most sought after delivery services in the business. Especially since such services can help a delivery company tout itself as superior in comparison to its competitors.

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