Mar 11, 2016

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Whiplash in Ferguson can be Effectively Treated

Whiplash in Ferguson can be Effectively Treated

Each year, thousands of people experience a common injury to the soft tissues in their neck. This injury is generally referred to as a neck strain or Whiplash in Ferguson. Whiplash often occurs as the result of a car accident. When a vehicle is struck from behind, the head and neck of the driver or passengers are sometimes thrown unnaturally into a backward position quickly and unexpectedly. A few seconds later, the head and neck are then thrown quickly forward. The spine often forms the shape of an S momentarily. The quick movement back and forth of the neck and head causes injury to the soft tissues that are responsible for holding the cervical vertebrae in place. The soft tissues that are most often affected are the muscles, ligaments, and facet capsules of the neck.

Individuals who have been in an accident will often seek medical assistance at the hospital or Back And Neck Care Center to receive treatment for the pain that they are experiencing due to Whiplash in Ferguson. Some of the most common symptoms of whiplash include a severe headache, pain and stiffness in the neck, arm or shoulder pain and stiffness, jaw pain, dizziness, fatigue, back pain, ringing in the ears, and disturbances of vision. In more severe cases, people may find that insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, and anger may develop.

Years ago, it was thought that the use of a cervical neck collar was the best treatment for whiplash. It is now known, however, that gently resuming motion in the affected area, along with specifically prescribed exercises, allows the neck to heal at a faster rate. People who are experiencing excessive feelings of stress and depression can be provided with medication and emotional support to help to cope with these issues. Physical therapy is sometimes prescribed to help the individual to heal more quickly. Fortunately, with today’s advances in automobile manufacturing, occurrences of whiplash can be greatly reduced through technological advances in seat belts and automobile head restraints. Whiplash is a painful condition that can be successfully treated in most cases to allow affected individuals to make a full recovery.

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