Jun 17, 2013

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Which weight loss supplement for women really works?

Although experts rarely recommend a weight loss supplement for women, a full 15% of American women use them. There are however, a few products that are available in any health food store that can show some evidence that they can be helpful for weight loss.

Green tea extract:

Green tea is high in antioxidants, that is well known but people are starting to see that it also can be beneficial when trying to lose weight. Like most things, very little research has been done to prove the effectiveness of green tea extract but it is thought that when the supplement is taken on a regular basis it has an effect of the energy usage, both while at rest and active. One of the ingredients in green tea extract is caffeine so it is thought that the decaffeinated version will not work.

One study has shown that it actually does help obese individuals lower their BMI, body mass index. The study also showed that once the weight was off, it stayed off which is something that cannot be said about all supplements. Green tea extract also lowers blood pressure and bad cholesterol.

Meal replacements:

All the experts are in agreement that the most effective weight loss supplement for women are meal replacements such as shakes and bars. Although they have been proven to work, they must be used in accordance with the directions which mean that the meal replacement must be both breakfast and lunch and an evening meal with no more than 500 calories.

The women who have followed the directions have found that this weight loss strategy works very well in the long term. It still allows the individual to enjoy an evening meal and the other two meals are highly structured.


Orlistat is an OTC medicine, approved by the USFDA. Because of the FDA approval this is the one supplement that has substantiating data behind it. The results of all the various tests show that it blocks 25% of the calories in fat from ever reaching the system as they are blocked from absorption. For Orlistat to work at its maximum potential the individual must also exercise and maintain a diet which limits fat intake.

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