Jun 25, 2014

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Which Lanyard ID Badge Holder is Right for You?

Sure, it holds a nametag, but a lanyard can do so much more – it can heighten your brand, promote your sponsor(s), and classify your attendees. And a lanyard ID badge holder offers the aesthetic benefit of not attaching to people’s clothing. Ideally, you’ll want the lanyards you select to carry multiple loads. And, these days, with so many choices of color, imprinting and styles, you’re bound to find a lanyard just right for your event.

Got Sponsor???
Do you have a sponsor to help underwrite your event? A lanyard ID badge holder imprinted with a sponsor’s (or your company’s) name will pay dividends long after the dust settles on your activity. An attractive and imprinted lanyard is a practical take-home item, to be used later as a key carrier at home or to hold a whistle for the kids’ softball practice.

Choices, Choices, Choices
Lanyards come in a variety of fabrics: soft cotton, the newest synthetics, etc. The lanyard attachments come both plastic and metal to be durable. Then there are the extras: spins, no-spins (to keep name tags facing forward) and blanks (to use at any event). And, let’s not forget necklaces. The possibilities are endless.

With so many options, how do I choose?
* Fabric? Polyester, nylon, cotton…each has its place. For high quality printing, polyester offers great coverage and detail but, for vivid color, nylon can’t be topped. Cotton provides comfort. Your attendees and sponsors should be considered when deciding on fabric.
* Printing? Screen-printing is a surface method that offers good looks for a reasonable price. Sublimation is a more refined method that transfers the dye into the lanyard’s fibers, resulting in a premium color that will not fade. .
* Attachments? Start with the ones that work well with your chosen lanyard. Then, let your budget be your guide. While metal attachments work well, molded-plastic attachments are attractive, lighter and user-friendly.
* O-ring or Key ring? If you’re hoping the lanyard will be re-used by attendees, consider an O-ring or key ring attachment. O-rings are bulldog-clip compatible. Key rings are bulldog-clip compatible and easier to slip on personal keys later. If you’ve promised your sponsor long-term reuse and exposure, consider spending upgrading to the key ring.
* What about blank lanyards? When you have a recurring need for lanyards or want to re-use them, blank lanyards may be the best choice for you.

If all this lanyard information has only confused you more, we’re just a call away. Let us help you decide which lanyard ID Badge holder fits within your budget.

With an extensive inventory of lanyards & badge holders – we carry 600+ unique and high-quality types — “All ID Systems” can help you determine the best lanyard for your business, organizational or event. Our prices are also discounted. Visit us website to get started.

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