Where to Find Used Pallet Near Me in Wisconsin

Searching for used pallets can be challenging. There are many places on where on where to find a used pallet near me in Wisconsin if you know where to look.

Used pallets have become more scarce. This is due to the increasing popularity of using pallets in art projects, crafts, and landscaping projects by the DIY crowd. Crafters can make just about anything out of used pallets.

So, where can you find used pallets near me in Wisconsin

First, check the classified ads in your local newspaper to see if someone is giving away pallets near you.

The next place to check is Craigslist. Some companies who do not have dumpsters will list pallets for free or low-cost on Craigslist just so they can get rid of them. There are a lot of low-cost pallets for sale on Craigslist.

Pet supplies and food stores can be another source of low-cost or free wood pallets. Generally, after these types of stores receive their merchandise, they will throw the pallets away. Check with the store to see if you can pick up some of them for you to use.

Hardware, furniture, and equipment stores are an excellent source for finding heavy-duty used pallet near me in Wisconsin. The best time to call these stores is early in the morning when the merchandise is delivered on the pallets. These pallets are typically cleaner than the pallets from food stores.

Large newspaper organizations often use a lot of pallets to receive shipments. Call their offices and ask them to save pallets for you.

Builders will have good-quality pallets that get thrown away with other debris. Try to find a friendly builder who will save you some pallets.

And last, an internet search for “used pallet near me in Wisconsin” will display additional resources for locating used pallets.

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