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Cleaning Hardwood Floors With The Right Floor Cleaning Products In Arvada CO

Property owners who have hardwood floors definitely don’t want to mess their floors up by cleaning them incorrectly. Unfortunately, there are people who use the wrong Floor Cleaning Products in Arvada CO on their hardwood floors. There are also individuals who use the wrong cleaning methods. This can result in floors that look faded or have scratches on them. If a person is going to do their own floor cleaning, they are going to have to do some research before getting started. The good news is that taking the guesswork out of hardwood cleaning isn’t too difficult to do.

One of the things people with hardwood floors have to realize is that water-based Floor Cleaning Products in Arvada CO are the best for wood floors that have been finished. Finishes help to protect wood from water. If a floor hasn’t been finished, it probably can’t deal with any water-based cleaners. Owners of wood floors also have to know the difference between damp mopping a floor and wet mopping a floor. Mopping a floor with a mop that has been drenched with water is asking for trouble. The water can get into seams and get under the floor. This is where it can eventually cause damage that can go undetected for quite some time. Damp mopping is done by using a mop that is barely wet.

There are other cleaners that a person might have to purchase. It’s not uncommon for people to have different types of wood floors inside their homes. If a person has a newly finished floor, they will have to wait for it to fully cure before they can clean it. It can take 30 days for some oil-based finishes to cure while ones made from water might take only a couple weeks to finish. Once a floor has had a chance to cure, it can be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaning product. Such a product won’t damage the finish of the floor. If a person chooses to use a cleaning product that has a high pH level, they will eventually strip the shine from their flooring.

People can Click here to get more information on cleaning products and floor cleaning methods. A person might have to purchase several different cleaning products to handle all of the floor coverings in their home.

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