Apr 20, 2015

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Where to Find Safe, Medically-approved Quick Weight Loss in New Haven

Losing weight is often a slow process that requires a lot of patience. It is generally recommended that anyone trying to shed pounds only do so at about one or two pounds a week. For those dieters who have large amounts of weight to lose, waiting weeks or months to begin to see changes can cause them to actually give up.

Obviously the only way to lose weight is to reduce calories. By taking in fewer calories than you burn you will lose weight. The greater the difference between intake and output, the more weight you will lose. This fact is what encourages people to attempt starvation diets, something that is very dangerous.

Quick Weight Loss in New Haven is possible with a low calorie diet, but in order to be safe it needs to be performed only with medical supervision. Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD) are medically planned diet plans that keep calorie content low, but ensure proper nutrition needs are still being met.

These plans are not designed for someone who has only a few pounds to lose. This is a way for those who are very overweight with medical issues that are exacerbated by their weight or for those who are clinically obese to get started on a path to better health. It can enable those who are preparing for weight loss surgery to lose the weight they need to make them eligible to have their procedure.

Quick Weight Loss in New Haven must be medically supervised, and a complete health screening will need to be performed prior to its start. The plans are available for men and women and some teenagers. If you have special medical needs, those will be addressed as well. Women who are pregnant or nursing are not eligible for these plans and children are not allowed on the plans either.

These plans not only assist you with your weight loss but also help you to maintain your new healthy weight over time. If you are ready to get healthier and finally lose weight through a safe and effective, medically-supervised plan. Visit the site to get the details and to schedule an appointment to get started.

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