Dec 24, 2014

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When You Will Need An Auto Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an automobile accident that was not your fault and you sustained injuries you will need to hire an auto accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to advocate on your behalf. Right after the accident your concerns are going to focus on recovering and worrying about how your family is going to get through it. It is extremely important that you have a seasoned lawyer to ensure that you get the full amount of compensation you deserve which includes covering all of your medical expenses, repairing or replacing your vehicle and compensation for intangibles such as pain and suffering.

Although a family member might want to help they are the wrong people to represent your interests. Tort law is complex and only an auto accident lawyer can accurately determine the extent of the possible compensation and whether the negligent party’s insurer will cover everything. While you heal you must have a seasoned lawyer working to ensure your interests are looked after.

An auto accident lawyer knows from prior experience how to deal with insurance companies who are well known for their reluctance to pay. The lawyer will develop a case based on reality and put it in front of the insurance company; if they refuse to acknowledge the full extent of their liability then the lawyer will take the case to court. It is in the culture of insurance companies to minimize claims and if an unskilled individual, be it you or a family member try to deal with them you can rest assured that they will take advantage of you, they will make you an offer but it will be far less than what a lawyer can get out of them.

An auto accident lawyer may agree to take the case on contingency which is an arrangement between you and the lawyer. The lawyer agrees to represent you right through to the end in favor of an agreed upon percentage of the final award as his or her fee. It may be possible to negotiate the percentage the lawyer will agree to but this is not the case with the court. There are filing fees associated with the case, these must be paid up-front. In most auto accident cases the settlement is made out of court, this is especially true if your lawyer is known in the community to be tough during trial. The insurance company lawyers often will not want to risk having the court set an award higher than can be negotiated out of court.

When you get the best auto accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, you can be assured of a satisfactory settlement that takes everything into account.

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