Feb 16, 2015

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When You Should Consult an Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Worcester, MA

Employment discrimination occurs when a worker is treated unfavorably on the basis of their race, nationality, skin color, gender, religion, disability, or age. Contrary to the popular misconception, employment discrimination extends well beyond hiring and firing. It is considered illegal to discriminate against an individual in any facet of employment. Some of the examples of employment discrimination that could occur necessitating the hiring of an Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Worcester MA include:

• Suggestion of preferred candidates in a job advertisement.

• Exclusion of specific potential employees during a job recruitment

• Denying particular employees compensation or benefits

• Discrimination when assigning disability leave, retirement options or maternity leave

• Paying different salaries to employees who are in the same position and are equally qualified

• Wrongfully denying the use of company facilities

• Discrimination during the issuance of promotions or layoffs

It is essential to note that discrimination may occur in any aspect of employment. In the event that your employer makes assumptions that are based on age or gender related stereotypes to deny you opportunities or benefits in the workplace, you have a valid claim against them. Similarly, if you are disabled and your employer assumes that you are incapable owing to your disability, you should consult with a discrimination lawyer.

Moreover, it is essential to note that any company should not withhold employment opportunities from you on the basis of your relationship with a person of a particular religion, ethnicity or race. Unlawful employment discrimination also includes harassment on the basis of such legally protected traits as gender, age, race and religion among others.

Employment discrimination may also be manifested by your employer’s assumption that you are incapable of learning new skills on the basis of your age. An employer will also be vicariously liable for any discriminatory practices by their employees.

An employer is obligated under the law to inform their employees about their rights against discrimination, including being free from retaliation in the event that they file a discrimination complaint.

Employers have a positive obligation to eliminate discrimination in the workplace as far as possible. If you have reasons to believe that your employer is discrimination against you on any of the above-stated basis, it is essential that you consult an Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Worcester MA.

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