When would you consult with a family law attorney?

When people who are involved in a familial relationship need legal advice and assistance they will turn to an Naples, FL family law attorney. The people can be the husband, the wife, grandparents or legal guardians. The range of services the family law attorney offers includes divorce, the drafting of pre-nuptial agreements, child support and custody, paternity among others. It is a family law attorney that will be called upon by a couple who are going through the adoption process and may represent a minor in juvenile court.

Of all the tasks the family law attorney will be dealing with almost on a daily basis will be divorce and legal separation cases. The attorney will be the personal representative of one of the litigants, negotiating an equitable property settlement, dealing with child custody issues, establishing the amount that is needed for child support and ensuring the best visitation rights possible. In the greatest majority of divorce cases each party is represented by his or her own attorney, both of which are interested in getting the best settlement possible for their client. If it reaches the point where the couple are stalemated and cannot agree between themselves then the attorneys will take the case to court where a judge will make the final decision based on the information presented to him.

Although divorce cases are dealt with frequently, do not think for one minute that family law attorneys are not called upon in good times as well. If a loving couple have tried but failed to have their own children, they often turn to adoption. Adoption cases can be a series of hurdles that have to be negotiated and cleared; the Naples, FL Family Law Attorney will guide the adoptive parents to ensure the adoption goes smoothly and in complete compliance with all the laws. Depending on the age of the child and the jurisdiction in which the adoption takes place there are differences in the way the situation is handled. In some cases the natural birth parents will have to give up any and all rights to the child while in other cases the birth parents may retain certain rights.

When people have decided to marry, a family attorney can help in drafting a pre-nuptial agreement that lays down the method in which assets will be distributed in the event of a future divorce. There are also post-nuptial agreements that are made which take into account changes that happen during the marriage such as the arrival of children; who will have custody and what visitation rights will the non custodial parent have.

An Naples, FL family law attorney is the legal professional to turn to in the event of a divorce, child support as well as support modification, paternity issues, etc. In the event you find yourself in any one of these situations you are invited to contact Law Office Of James W. Chandler, P.A.

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