Dec 28, 2018

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When Visiting A Medical Spa in Fairfield, CT, What Equipment Do You Expect Them To Have?

When Visiting A Medical Spa in Fairfield, CT, What Equipment Do You Expect Them To Have?

This is a somewhat subjective question since the answer depends on what are your expectations of a medical spa? To some people, a spa implies relaxation for the benefit of their health and wellness. Such people would expect to see the likes massage tables, hot tubs and Jacuzzis equipping the spa they were visiting. The choice of massages might include a medical massage and, maybe, there are medical dieticians in attendance; but, these do not require much by way of equipment. For medical equipment, they would expect to be visiting a hospital or medical clinic.

But, What If A Doctor Is Operating A Spa?

If he is doing this as an adjunct to his medical practice; either for patients’ convalescence and recovery therapy; or to provide treatments that are more cosmetic than strictly medical; then, he would be operating a medical spa in Fairfield, CT and would need Medical Spa Equipment.

Or A Health And Wellness Spa That Employs Doctors For Certain Treatments?

If the treatments involve skin rejuvenation then some of the equipment such as microdermabrasion machines for exfoliating the outer layers of dead skin can be operated by non-medical staff; provided they have been trained and are licensed to operate as estheticians (skin care beauty technicians). However, when it comes to using Medical Spa Equipment such as microdermabrasion machines for a much more invasive, deeper penetration into the epidermis for removal of wrinkles, pregnancy stretch marks, old scars and birth marks for example; a higher level of operator expertise is required.

For such, near surgery, procedures, a licensed dermatologist will be present. Anyone seeking to be licensed by the American Academy of Dermatology must, first, be a qualified medical doctor. The more a health and wellness spa adds cosmetic treatments to its traditional muscle and limb relaxation activities, the more likely they are to need medically qualified staff and associated Medical Spa Equipment. For such spas, other equipment might include specialty lasers for even deeper skin penetration while treating skin problems.

There are also LED (light emitting diode) machines that can deliver energy to the skin and its underlying tissues. The energy frequency (i.e. the color of the light) controls the depth of penetration so as to reach different skin cells and stimulate them for therapeutic and cell-renewing results. One way or another, to cater for their clients’ needs, most spas these days are likely to have installed quite a lot of Medical Spa Equipment. Visit Dolce Vida Medical Spa for more details.

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