Jun 18, 2015

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When To Seek Los Angeles Drug Abuse Treatment For A Spouse

When To Seek Los Angeles Drug Abuse Treatment For A Spouse

As a spouse or partner of an addict, you may have the feeling you are constantly walking on eggshells when it comes to discussing the addiction. Often there seems to be a complete denial by the addict if you try to bring up the possibility of Los Angeles drug abuse treatment either on an inpatient or intensive outpatient basis.

For some spouses and partners, determining if there is a drug addiction problem may also be an issue. Often addicts are very good at hiding their use, at least at the initial stages of the addiction, and the subtle and very limited signs may be easily missed.

To determine if your spouse may need a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment, open communication is always the best option. By addressing the issue as “we can work through this” as opposed to “you have a drug problem” it is often much easier to have these difficult conversations.

Signs of Possible Drug Use

Depending on the type of drug you may have obvious signs to note. For example, if you are constantly smelling marijuana on clothing or in vehicles you can use this to start a conversation about going to a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment program.

Other signs may be less easy to spot. They can include:

  • Increasing number of days home from work, calling in sick, or going to work but coming home early
  • Unexplained issues with finances including writing bad checks, overdrawing accounts and even stealing from the home or workplace
  • Sudden changes in friends, favorite activities or withdrawing from all activities
  • Sudden and otherwise unexplained changes in weight, sleeping patterns and appetite
  • Lack of personal hygiene or seeming just not to care
  • Changes in personality including paranoid behavior, anger, irritation, hostility or inappropriate emotional responses
  • Leaving a job or turning down a better job to stay in a particular place despite goals to advance
  • Neglecting the spouse and children and placing being out of the home as a priority without a valid explanation

These can also be signs of other issues, including specific medical or mental health conditions. Often getting the individual to a family doctor can confirm the need for a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment program. For some people hearing that from a doctor and not a spouse or partner may have a more significant impact.

If you are concerned about your spouse or partner, call our staff at Pax House. We can talk to you and your spouse about our licensed Los Angeles drug abuse treatment options and choose one which suits your needs. To learn more go to www.PaxHouse.org.

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