When to Replace Your Reusable Period Cup

Every month you have to buy more tampons, more pads, and replace damaged undergarments. When your period leaks through to your panties, it may also stain your pants. You will need to constantly change your pad or tampon to prevent leaking. The trash starts to accumulate. If you buy one box of tampons each period for 12 periods a year at $10 a box, you are spending over $120 on your period annually. The best reusable period cup will cut these costs and reduce waste.

Clean and Sanitize

A reusable menstrual cup must be cleaned after each use. Menstrual cup companies suggest you rinse a reusable period cup directly after every use with cold water. Cold water is the best for rinsing leftover fluid on your menstrual cup. Hot water can lock in smells and create the perfect environment for a menstrual cup to grow bacteria. Once you have rinsed the menstrual cup, you can use an unused toothbrush to scrub it and sanitize it.

Storage and Discoloration

You should store your reusable period cup in a dry place. It is normal to see slight discoloration. Over time, consistent use of your menstrual cup will cause this discoloration. However, it is preventable with a thorough cleaning and sanitizing after each use. If your menstrual cup becomes severely discolored, it is time to replace it with a new one. Like discoloration, odors can be greatly reduced if you properly clean them after each use. If the period cup has a negative or powerful odor, you should also replace the cup with a new reusable cup.

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